North Wales: Portmeirion to Shrewsbury

We woke up in Tremadog to a crisp, rainy morning. The air smelled a little like being by a boat dock, which was strange since we were nowhere close to anything like that. It had that strangely comforting salty, seaside freshness. We hit the road again with a destination of Shrewsbury, just back over the … Continue reading North Wales: Portmeirion to Shrewsbury

North Wales: Conwy Castle & Afternoon Tea

We were less ambitious at breakfast the next morning. I knew I couldn't face another plate of food that spanned the width of my stomach, so I stuck to porridge and fresh fruit. The addition of 3 slices of fruit convinced me that every pint of beer consumed thus far was suddenly justifiable. Balanced diets … Continue reading North Wales: Conwy Castle & Afternoon Tea

North Wales: Liverpool to Llandudno

Just as soon as we'd arrived in Liverpool, it was time to go. We had a fleeting 24 hours to recover from jet lag before we hit the road towards Wales. We booked a car rental from Liverpool airport, hoping that we would have an easier transition back into left-side driving if we didn't have … Continue reading North Wales: Liverpool to Llandudno

North Wales: A Hop Across the Pond to Liverpool

It feels like forever since I’ve been on the road—an obvious exaggeration, but that's how my brain works. The past few weeks were full of mood swings and general malaise. I almost forgot that I had a trip coming, until my mind caught up with me and suddenly the “blahness” all made sense. I figured … Continue reading North Wales: A Hop Across the Pond to Liverpool

London Bound—Clarity in Winchester

The next day, we chose to take a day trip with my family to a little town called Winchester, which is about an hour from London by train. London is an incredible city, but we craved exploration and a low-key change of scenery. Katie’s uncle lived in Winchester for many years, so the two of … Continue reading London Bound—Clarity in Winchester

London Bound—Our One “Tourist Day”

The day after New Year’s Eve was a bit of a “throw-away”. You can’t stay out until 6am when you’re 29-years-old and expect productivity when you wake up. We did little more than shuffle out of bed (late) in the afternoon and emerge into the land of the living only in time for an early … Continue reading London Bound—Our One “Tourist Day”

London Bound—Welcoming 2017 with Street-Side Champagne

New Year’s Eve day, we made a trip to Portobello Road in Notting Hill to check out the weekend market that runs the length of the street. We met my mother and brother, who are midway through a month-long Euro-trip and linked up with us in London for a couple days. Portobello Road is lined … Continue reading London Bound—Welcoming 2017 with Street-Side Champagne

London Bound—Leaving 2016 in the Dust

I’ve never been more elated about the concept of bidding goodbye to the year then I was on December 31, 2016. A few months back, Katie and I were pondering how we’d like to ring in 2017 aside from the world’s BIGGEST BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE. Every New Year’s Eve, New York City opens its bridges … Continue reading London Bound—Leaving 2016 in the Dust