Exploring Iceland—South Iceland to Hofn

I woke up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping and the family dog sleeping outside my window. It was so incredibly serene and secretive out there. We crept out of our room and went to grab some free breakfast in the host’s kitchen (toast, coffee and cereal). Baby sheep trotted inside a … Continue reading Exploring Iceland—South Iceland to Hofn

Exploring Iceland—South to Hvolsvollur

The next morning, we bid goodbye to our awesome apartment and set off to tackle (part of) the Golden Circle—a series of intriguing natural sights like craters and geysers—and end in our Airbnb for the night just south of Hvolsvollur. We grabbed some Skyr yogurts for the road (Islandic creamy yogurt similar to Greek yogurt) … Continue reading Exploring Iceland—South to Hvolsvollur