Milwaukee—Cheese kebabs, Craft Beer & Clean Air

We rolled into Milwaukee by early evening, after a quick pit stop for a cheese kabob from a coffee shop in Green Bay. Totally exhausted and starving, we got ourselves ready for the evening and set off in search of dinner. The restaurant we wanted to try was .6 miles from the hotel according to … Continue reading Milwaukee—Cheese kebabs, Craft Beer & Clean Air

Fingerlakes Wine Weekend

A few weeks ago, Katie and I made a last minute decision to escape from the city for a weekend. These spontaneous ideas are not uncommon for us, and we’ve become somewhat talented at spur-of-the-moment planning. We realized she was going to have a weekend off of work that we previously thought she would be … Continue reading Fingerlakes Wine Weekend

“Grown-Up” Mac ‘n Cheese

It’s been hot out…really hot. Sticky, humid, disgusting, NYC-in-the-summer-that-everybody-dreads hot. It’s the kind of hot that forces New Yorkers to flee the city on weekends like scattering bugs. 26 summers here and I still haven’t gotten used to the feeling of an extra humid July/August. I know that down south (and many of the places … Continue reading “Grown-Up” Mac ‘n Cheese