Travel vs. Vacation

The topic of travel has begun to take on a different meaning for me than it once did. In the last year or two in particular, a growing issue has emerged. In these situations, I’ll be rambling on and on about a trip that I just came home from, not knowing when I can leave … Continue reading Travel vs. Vacation

Milwaukee—Cheese kebabs, Craft Beer & Clean Air

We rolled into Milwaukee by early evening, after a quick pit stop for a cheese kabob from a coffee shop in Green Bay. Totally exhausted and starving, we got ourselves ready for the evening and set off in search of dinner. The restaurant we wanted to try was .6 miles from the hotel according to … Continue reading Milwaukee—Cheese kebabs, Craft Beer & Clean Air

Upper Peninsula Pasties and Country Girls

We got an early start on Sunday and parked by the water to take a quick walk down the dock. Once again, we stood solo amongst an empty stretch of snow. Following lone footprints from some unknown dock-traveler in the deep powder that buried the walkway, we made it to the edge of the lighthouse … Continue reading Upper Peninsula Pasties and Country Girls

Journey towards Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Two days before we flew to Detroit, Katie and I made a last minute decision to take the northern route on our way to Milwaukee instead of the (much shorter) southern course. This is one of the reasons that we don’t book our hotels in advance. After some finagling with Google maps and a glance … Continue reading Journey towards Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Detroit, MI Bound—Motown, Collard Greens, and a People Mover

For those of you who haven’t been following, Katie and I are working to complete the “50 by 30” challenge, where we will see all 50 states by the age of 30. This weekend, we decided to knock out Michigan and Wisconsin in a very short burst of time, since I have to ration my … Continue reading Detroit, MI Bound—Motown, Collard Greens, and a People Mover

The “50 by 30” Challenge

I’ve written in the past about my love of road trips (just a blog post or two…or ten). I preach this style of travel so feverishly because I know that most people still don’t see it as ideal. Driving long distances in a short period of time is usually a last-resort, not an intentional “vacation”. … Continue reading The “50 by 30” Challenge