Traveling Canada: Jasper & the “Wildfire Plan”

It was unfortunate that we only had one night in Jasper. There were nearby hikes, scenic roads, and ghost towns that we never had a chance to explore. We had to head down south again, back to Calgary, to fly to Vancouver early the next morning. We had originally planned to drive from Jasper through … Continue reading Traveling Canada: Jasper & the “Wildfire Plan”

Traveling Canada: The Icefields Parkway

I was so excited for our drive up the Icefields Parkway. There’s nothing that invigorates me more than a long, lackadaisical trip down a new road with mountains enveloping me. The weather forecast said to expect rain and thunderstorms, but the sky was a piercing shade of blue with only a sporadic cloud to block … Continue reading Traveling Canada: The Icefields Parkway