Blood Orange Bliss

Many of my favorite dinner adventures start with a single ingredient. Sometimes it’s one that I know and cook with often (lemon, garlic, mozzarella cheese, balsamic vinegar), and sometimes it’s completely random and obscure. In fact, sometimes there is virtually no planning at all until I actually walk into Fairway with the intention of purchasing … Continue reading Blood Orange Bliss

Times Square Bites–Lunch for the Budget-Conscious Foodie

If you’re a true New Yorker, you have a natural and established distain for Times Square. You avoid it in the same way that you would avoid the scruffy dude with the hacking cough on the cross town bus, or the overly-boozed woman talking to herself on morning 6 train. When you work in Time … Continue reading Times Square Bites–Lunch for the Budget-Conscious Foodie

Fear Not the Faux Meat

It’s amazing how busy one can still feel after completing the so-called *only* thing keeping one busy for months on end (searching for a new job). I guess that all my other ideas/plans/goings-on were waiting anxiously in the back of my conscious for the right moment to surface and feel noticed. It’s been nice to … Continue reading Fear Not the Faux Meat