Traveling Canada: Jasper & the “Wildfire Plan”

It was unfortunate that we only had one night in Jasper. There were nearby hikes, scenic roads, and ghost towns that we never had a chance to explore. We had to head down south again, back to Calgary, to fly to Vancouver early the next morning. We had originally planned to drive from Jasper through … Continue reading Traveling Canada: Jasper & the “Wildfire Plan”

Traveling Canada: The Icefields Parkway

I was so excited for our drive up the Icefields Parkway. There’s nothing that invigorates me more than a long, lackadaisical trip down a new road with mountains enveloping me. The weather forecast said to expect rain and thunderstorms, but the sky was a piercing shade of blue with only a sporadic cloud to block … Continue reading Traveling Canada: The Icefields Parkway

Traveling Canada: Banff National Park, Day 2

Another early and tranquil morning in downtown Banff. The drive to Johnston Canyon for today’s hike was peppered with rain, but it moved through quickly like the weather here does. The trail to the canyon ran along rushing water, and it was a more relaxed pace than yesterdays. Passing a few waterfalls, the trail turned … Continue reading Traveling Canada: Banff National Park, Day 2

Traveling Canada: Banff National Park, Day 1

Bloggers and general writer-types will understand the “blocks” you sometimes feel when sitting down to document a trip – this particular one has resulted in a 1.5 month delay in posting. I could blame the pandemic for my flighty mind and fidgety typing fingers, and it wouldn’t be entirely untrue. But the reality is that … Continue reading Traveling Canada: Banff National Park, Day 1